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Functionality that sets things in motion.

We also develop and produce innovative Bowden cable solutions for our industry customers: The SCS Industry Portfolio consists of a host of standard Bowden cable types.

Our products are visible and invisible allrounders for sanitary engineering, gardening equipment and machine building. Every day, they are indispensable wherever components need to move or adjust mechanically. SCS Bowden cables enable a smooth motion sequence—worldwide.

Why are we your perfect partner as an industry customer? Because there are quadruple benefits from our Bowden cables for you: We give you solutions that are tailored to your needs. Installed in your products, SCS components ensure an optimum transfer of force. Developed and constructed with the greatest quality standards, they have a long productive life. True to our company claim, “Motion with a System”, they offer you and your customers absolutely reliable functionality.

Sanitary engineering

We have been partnering with well-known manufacturers of sanitary appliances for many years because our Bowden cables ensure excellent functionality in sanitary installations. Our bespoke products are installed, e.g., in drain sets for showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks. Trust our durable solutions meeting your high quality standards.

Gardening equipment

For operating accelerators and brakes in a wide variety of gardening equipment, we offer you reliably functioning Bowden cables with a long lifetime. In lawn mowers, trimmers and other equipment, SCS adjustment elements ensure precise adjustability. And our intricate thin cable control wires are the perfect solution for your carburetor controllers in, e.g., power saws.

Machine building

With SCS products, you can always rely on technical innovations and functionality that sets things in motion in machine building. Our portfolio includes a host of different solutions: We manufacture accelerator and brake cables as well as vibrating plates for the building industry, high-quality garage door unlocking devices and also custom solutions for white goods such as washing machines and dryers.

Overview of our industry customers

Excellent work for happy customers: Well-known manufacturers of sanitary engineering, gardening equipment and machine building believe in SCS products—and many of them have done so for years.

Development and Manufacturing

Competency in every aspect.

Our experience and competency can be found in every SCS product. You can count on that. We will manufacture not only the optimum product for you—we are also at your side as your development partner. Find out what competency means to us.

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