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SCS develops and manufactures technically innovative Bowden cables and unlocking systems for the automotive sector. Our products are installed in car doors, engine hoods or trunk lids and seating systems. If used in the field of vision, they also become an optical focus, e.g., in remote unlocking.

Our portfolio is partly based on our own patents and steadily grows because we are committed to continuous optimization. This results in developing complex components with elaborate quality assurance during the production process.

We customize our products to your area of application. Together with you we plan, develop and construct bespoke solutions—in close collaboration with your development department. The result: The exact unlocking system you need to set your mechanical component in motion. With its geometric-functional complexity precisely embedded into your vehicle’s compact design.

SCS Bowden cables for adjusting your car or truck seats score in several respects: Their customized and optimized routing helps them overcome distances with minimized friction loss.

Our high-quality Bowden cables tremendously simplify the operation of lever elements. Integrated with your remote unlocking, they will, for instance, move backseats in cars backwards and forwards or open several locks at the press of a button.

Engine hoods are always unlocked using a mechanical Bowden cable solution where a long Bowden cable from the vehicle interior is connected to a locking system. This connection can be realized using, e.g., a coupling point.

Our Bowden cables ensure movement for every door in your vehicle: One Bowden cable each is installed to actuate the door on the inside and outside. With our products, we offer you a high level of flexibility—in particular with complex spatial arrangements.

SCS offers you product solutions with functionality and ease of use. Our great development competency makes us your ideal partner for innovative custom products. We take on the challenge of demanding tasks in new areas of application.

Overview of our automotive customers

Excellent work for happy customers: Well-known automotive manufacturers and automotive supplier have been relying on us and our products—often for many years.

Development + Manufacturing

Competency in every aspect.

Our experience and competency can be found in every SCS product. You can count on that. We will manufacture not only the optimum product for you—we are also at your side as your development partner. Find out what competency means to us.

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